Dr Allen C Bowling Multiple Sclerosis Specialist

Dr. Allen Bowling takes a broad-based, open-minded, whole-body approach to Multiple Sclerosis Care and Treatment.  He believes that some of the current approaches to the treatment of Multiple Sclerosis do not care for the whole person and are excessively formulaic and narrow-minded.  Dr. Bowling did extensive training at some of the best academic institutions and also has decades of hands-on clinical and research experience in conventional medicine as well as lifestyle and alternative medicine.  This novel combination of rigorous training and practical experience allows him to thoughtfully develop individualized, comprehensive, and evidence-based treatment plans that optimize health in those with Multiple Sclerosis.

Dr. Bowling recognizes that we do not fully understand the disease process of Multiple Sclerosis, do not currently have a cure, and thus should not “put all our eggs in one basket.”  Dr. Bowling’s overall Multiple Sclerosis Care and Treatment is more like that of a thoughtful gambler than of a scientist— he believes in using a variety of therapies that are appropriate for the individual and also do the best at getting all the “good chips” that we can without causing harm.  This means pushing as hard as he can with medications to treat the disease and its symptoms, but also considering other approaches such as lifestyle strategies and unconventional therapies.

If you would like more information on Dr. Allen Bowling, you can view his Curriculum Vitae and Biographical Sketch for a brief summary of Dr. Bowling’s unique qualifications and work.

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